52 Weeks of Flowers

Week 4 — Spider Lily

Spider Lily is one of my favirate flower. It's a flower that's both visually stunning and emotionally evocative.

I am very pleased with the pattern. The Tunisian crochet technique allows for the creation of the six petals seamlessly, without cutting the yarn, and achieves a natural curve without the need for additional wire. Easy in crocheting, stunning in turning out.

Kit is prepared as always.

Kit Includes all the accessories and tools, the kit can make 6pcs of spider lilies ( Vase not included).The sample color in the picture is: #09 Red, #01 White, #73 Bright Yellow, you can choose any of 2 colors in our Kalors sport yarn.

Kalors Sport yarn ( total 3 skeins)

    #13 1skeins ( for pistol )

    Any 2 colors from our 89-color Kalors Sport yarn

Flower Tape Green 1 roll

26AWG Craft wire 1 roll/55 yards

Fake flower stems 21 pcs

2.0 crochet hook 1pcs

Abbreviations & Explaination

ch: chain, draw up a loop from a st.

sc: single crochet, insert the hook and draw up a loop, pull through 2 loops

sl2tog: slip 2 st together, draw up a loop, pull through 2 sts together.

dc: double crochet, yarn over, insert the hook and draw up a loop, pull through 2 loops, pull through 2 loops again.

Tsc: Tunisian single crochet, insert the hook and draw up a loop, leave the loop on the hook.

Tdc: Tunisian double crochet, yarn over, insert the hook and draw up a loop, yarn over and pull through 2 loops, leave the remaining loop on the hook.



(Make 6pcs for one Spider Lily)

R1: 3sc in a magic ring, let the ring open, turn.

R2: 1ch ( doesn't count as any st), 2sc on each of st, sl to the 1st sc st to join. Ttl: 6 sts.

R3: This round crocheted counter clock-wise.

17ch, sl to 2nd bump from the hook, 1tsc in next bump, ( skip 1 bump, 1tsc in the next bum) *5 times, 1tsc in next bump, there are total 8 loops on the hook, and there are 2 bumps left on the back of the chain. sl2tog till there is one loop left.

Then work on the bumps which formed by the sl2tog.

 1ch, 1sl on the 2nd bump from the hook, (1ch, 1sl on the next bump) * 5 times 1sl on the bump of the chain st with the last 1tsc, 1sl to each of next bump of the chain. sl to the next st of R1.

This is one petal, repeat this 5 more times to get total 6 petals.


(make 36pcs for one Spider Lily)

Cut the wire 7inch.

In the video, I cut 6 inch long, I think 7 inch is better for assembling.

Watch the Tutoring video for the flower and assembling.

3 thoughts on “Week 4 — Spider Lily

  1. Michelle says:

    Hi there!

    I was wondering if you could do a carnation flower sometime soon? It’s my favourite flower and holds a lot of meaning to me.

    I love your flower patterns and am so excited for a whole year of them!!


    1. Jane says:

      Not a problem. We have an old version of Carnation, I only need to take a video for it. So it will be a bonus flower of the 52 weeks. I think I can post it sometime next week. ( Before Friday).

      1. Michelle says:

        You’re amazing, thank you! I see it’s been posted and I can’t wait to make it 😀

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