Free Crochet Pattern

Flower Granny Blanket

This is an easy motif and connected with non-cutting jointing.

Motif is made by 3 rounds.

Round1: Use the flower color, make a magic ring, 16dc in the ring, do invisible joint.

I divided Round 2 to Round 2a and 2b. In order to make the puff st looks better, I use a different method for starting, please see the video.

Round 2a: Use the leaf color, 7-loop puff st in any of the st of Round1(pls note, 7-loop puff st is same as a 3hdc cluster st), (3ch, skip one st, 7-loop puff st) 7 time, 3ch, sl to the 1st st to join.

Round 2b: Use the white color, start from any of the skipped st of Round 2a, (5-loop putt st, 3ch ) eight times, sl to the 1st st to join.

Round 3: sl 1 to the space of the puff sts between Round 2 a and b, wrap the both chains of Round 2a and 2b. (3dc tog in the space, 3ch) 16 times, sl to the first st to join.

Please Watch the video.


This blanket uses the non-cutting joint method. Please watch the video and learn the method.


Crochet the border after finish connecting with the same yarn. The outline of the blanket after connecting is 3sts( whatever dc or hdc or sc) and 1 ch.

R1:  sl to the middle st of the 3st, ch1 ( doesn't count as a st), sc in the same st, ch1, skip one st, sc in the 1-ch space, ch1, skip 1st, sc , repeat this to the corner, (sc, 1ch, sc) in the corner st, repeat this to finish this round. sl to the 1st sc to joint.

R2: Sl to the 1-ch space, ch1 (doesn't count as a st), sc in the same space, ch1, skip 1 st, sc in next 1-ch space, repeat . do (sc, 1ch, sc) in the corner 1-ch space. sl to the 1st sc to joint.

Repeat R2 as many as you like, or use up all the left over yarns.

For the pillow case, we need to sewing the buttons .

When you put the pillow in, first put the left bottom and right up corners to the center, and use the button to fix 2 corners, then put other 2 corners to the center and button together.

Then, use the other small buttons to fix the side.

Use the holes in the motif as button holes.

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